• West Virginia adds 6% to the reservation fee.
  • RV Rates are by family unit (two adults and two children )
  • Children 12 and under free.
  • Additional guests $10 each per night
  • No Refunds. However, you may change dates with no penalty (if dates are available). In case of no availability, a certificate equal to nights reserved will be issued to be used anytime during the current season.


RV Sites

Standard Rates
Full Hookup (electric, water, and sewage) $39.75 per night
Partial Hookup (electric only, with water close by) $39.75 per night.

(plus 6% WV Tax)

Tent Camping

Standard Rate $20 per person per night (INCLUDES 6% WV Tax and $2.50 utility surcharge)

Each of our unique tent sites is scattered around the farm instead of being side by side. You also get full use of the hospitality barn with stove, fridges, all cooking utensils, and WiFi. Most tent sites include firewood, fire-ring, and picnic tables.

RV Rallies, Weddings & Events

Please contact us as early as possible. eMail is preferred. eMail bonniesuemark@gmail.com

Phone is 304-642-2351

If you have an event, you can set up online ticket sales here:

See our wedding book

Day Use

Same as Tent Camping Rates.


Storage of any RV or vehicle is $25 a day.


Do trains run on the tracks through the campground? No. Tracks are abandoned.

Where’s the trash? There is a home-made garbage bin at the entrance to the farm. Use a large bag and put all your little white bags in it. We are charged an extra $1.00 per bag.

If I need you, What’s your cell phone number? 304.642.2351 – Mark

Where’s the laundromat? Head back past the airport on the right. About a half mile or so to Mary’s Maytag.

Is there an RV store somewhere? Yes, go back the four lane, turn right. Roy’s RV Center is about a mile or so away.

How’s your water pressure? Very good. We have city water running 5,000 feet in a 4-inch line. Make sure you have a good hose.. Never leave the water PEDESTAL on when you are gone!

Are we allowed to fish? Sure. Chenowith Creek runs through the campground and has native trout, small mouth bass and chubs.. The fishing pond is catch & release NO BARB HOOKS!.

Is there only one way in and out? Yes. And no, we’ve never had two RVs meet in the middle.

Do you host weddings on the farm? Sure do! See our wedding book

Why is it so peaceful and quiet at the Pegasus Farm? Because we are nestled between the county airport and acres of valley farmland. Our airport has a fence around it and we have no commercial flights. On the western, mountainous side of the campground is 6,000 acres of cornfields. Thus, no lights and no traffic

How do I get out? The road circles around the shower house. Please do not park in front of the shower house, that’s the main road so RVs can exit without driving over the grass. Park behind the shower house. Do not take RVs through the auto-only road between the two barns.

Shower House: Park BEHIND the shower house. PLEASE RESPECT the shower house and keep it CLEAN!!!!!

What are “Bonnie’s Pet Peeves?” Driving on the grass in the RV park, driving too fast past the house and upper barn, and moving the fire rings. Do NOT move fire rings!!

Ground Mats kill the grass: NO Ground Mats are permitted UNLESS they are the type that allows sun through them. Mats kill the grass and makes a mud hole for the next guest.

From the Lawyers and Insurance folks:

Guest releases and discharges the Pegasus Farm Campground, from all liability to, for all loss or damage and any claims of demand therefore, on account of injury to any individual or property resulting from the Guest’s or any of the guest’s children, family or friends, participation in the Pegasus Farm Campground. Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Pegasus Farm Campground, arising out of Guest’s participation in the Pegasus Farm Campground, whether caused by negligence or willful act of the Guest or any other person or persons. Guest hereby assumes full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury, death or property damage relating to or arising out of Guest’s participation in the Pegasus Farm Campground. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASONS



  • West Virginia adds 6% to the reservation fee.
  • RV Rates are by family unit (two adults and two children )
  • Children 12 and under free.
  • Additional guests $10 each per night
  • No Refunds

SITE MAP & Welcome Package info (click for PDF)



  1. All dog owners bringing a dog must present proof of recent vaccination from your vet (including kennel cough).
  2. You must be willing to sign a liability waiver. You are responsible for your dog’s actions.
  3. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. You are REQUIRED to dispose of POOP in YOUR trash. Not in fire grate or shower house!!!!!!!!!
  4. Pit Bulls and Rottweillers and wolf hybrids are not allowed on the farm.
  5. 5. By the way; Here is a great link regarding Pet Adoptions… HERE
 dd-pit-bull-1 dd-pit-bull-2 dd-pit-bull-3 dd-rottweiler
Pit bull terrier Pit bull terrier Pit bull terrier Rottweiler